I have known Professor Beis for 25 years. His commitment to sports and athletes has always fascinated me. He always had words of consolation, encouragement, praise for everyone as needed.

His knowledge cannot fit in one book. In this book, “TAEKWONDO, THE WAY TO WIN”, you can find everything you need for OLYMPIC TAEKWONDO

(theory, kinesiology, analyze of kicks and combination of them).

It’s a useful book for everyone because everything described complements

the knowledge of both athletes and coaches. IT IS THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL INTERACTIVE TEXTBOOK ON MODERN TAEKWONDO FIGHTING. With great pleasure, I recommend it to everyone.

Dragan Jovic

– Head coach of the Taekwondo Olympic Teams for Serbia in 2012, 2016 and 2020.

Head coach of the National Teams of Serbia from 1998 until now.

– He awarded by the WTF as the BEST COACH in the WORLD in 2017.

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