«I would like to present you an extraordinary interactive book for taekwondo , which every one of us who interferes in this sport ,must have…

Including chapters about technique, tactics, physical condition, assembly abilities, psychological factors, how we have develop the brain and central nervous system in children, injuries, treatment, how we can improving our performance, methodology of the teaching, technical elements of kicks, sparring with the electronic system, kinesiology, fighting steps, feints, sideways movements, clinching, kicks and punch and all this very analytical and with a very simple method, including videos….

For me this book is a bible of taekwondo sport, which everybody needs to read if they want to understand better our sport, become better coaches or athletes….

Written by Dr. Konstantinos Beis, congratulations for this excellent book, I am impressed!»


Maria Merkouri
Best International Taekwondo Referee in the Word, award-winning in Olympic Games RIO 2016.

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