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After successfully completing an admission exam in 1982, Dr. Constantine Beis was admitted to the Supreme Physical Education Academy of the «Johann Wolfgang Gaite» University in Frankfurt, where he selected the Sports Medicine specialty.

He was later admitted to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science (1984). His graduate Thesis on Taekwondo, titled “The Philosophy of Taekwondo”, for which he received an A+, was the first Thesis to be written on Taekwondo in Greece.

In 1993, he was the first among Greek coaches of various sports to be admitted to the Graduate Coaching Program (M.Sc.) at the Democritus University of Thrace Faculty of Physical Education & Sports Science. In 1996, he presented his M.Sc.-Thesis on the subject of “Injuries in Taekwondo athletes in Hellenic Taekwondo Federation National Championships”. This was the first post-graduate Thesis on Taekwondo in Greece, for which he received an A+.

In 1997, while doing his PhD at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science, Dr. Beis started working on his PhD-Thesis on the “Human Performance and Health” field. The subject was “Craniocerebral and Cervical Spinal Injuries in Taekwondo and Boxing”, for which he also received an A+. This was the first PhD-Thesis on Taekwondo in Greece, in 2001.


Teaching Experience

Dr. Beis has been teaching the practice part courses of Taekwondo (elective) and “Taekwondo–W.T.F.” (specialization) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science since 1991; He has been teaching the above-mentioned courses since 2018, as well as the newly-introduced course “Taekwondo–I.T.F.” (specialization).

He has taught theory and practice at 11 W.T.F. Coaching Schools (participation of General Secretariat of Sports and the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation from 1994 – 2006) and two International Taekwondo Coaching Schools, those of the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation and the European Taekwondo Union (1999 & 2011). He also taught Taekwondo theory at the Taekwondo–ITF Coaching School in 2019 (participation of General Secretariat of Sports and the Taekwondo Athletic Federation of Greece-ITF, in Thessaloniki).

In 1994, Dr. Beis was recommended from the Hellenic National Taekwondo Federation to teach self-defence at the respective department of the Athens General Police Administration and did so for one week.

Dr. Beis has been repeatedly invited to theory and practice seminars from the Taekwondo Union of Northern Greece, Local Committees, Clubs, “Open University of Thessaloniki”, and the “Olympic Taekwondo Coaching Union of Greece”.


Scientific Activity

Dr. Beis has at tended more than 32 International Scientific Conferences, Symposiums and Seminars, as well as 31 Greek ones (Physical Education, Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Sports Psychology, Children’s Education, Coaching, etc.). He has presented more than 46 scientific papers at International Scientific Conferences and published 5 research papers in international scientific journals, and 9 in Greek ones, most of them on Taekwondo (European Journal of Sports Traumatology and related research, Acta Kinesiologiae, Journal of Human Movement Studies, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 1st & 3rd International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies, Galinos, Researching Physical Education & Sports, Orthopaedics, Education, etc.).

Dr. Beis has introduced innovative and original ideas (scientifically substantiated) on Taekwondo and was the one to make the distinction between “direct” and “indirect” counterattack in order to facilitate tactical handling of the opponent (1988). He has further created an original statistic and qualitative video analysis on competition (1990); written the first registered scientific preparation program for Hellenic National Teams (1991) and has worked on many difference programs ever since, especially on team standards in every preparation. He has analyzed the competition parameters of Taekwondo and introduced original and specialized training units (i.e., development of anaerobic lactic and alactic capacity) in national team’s preparations.

Dr. Beis has introduced the theory of mental preparation in practice, as well as the “stress training” concept in national teams training by implementing special seminars based on competition conditions. In 1992, he created the first program of long-term mental preparation (theory and practice seminars) in combination with coaching preparation. This program was successfully applied by national teams and was presented at an International Conference on Sports Psychology (1996, Democritus University of Thrace Faculty of Physical Education & Sports Science).

In 1997, Dr. Beis drafted the first long-term (4 years) program for the National Taekwondo Federation, for the Sydney Olympic Games Pre-Olympic and Olympic team (2000). In 2006, he drafted an equivalent program for the Beijing Olympic Games (2008).

Dr. Beis has also been:

  • Associate Science Fellow of Hellenic Taekwondo Federation (1999-2000), with the main responsibility of preparing the Olympic Team for the SIDNEY Olympic Games in 2000 (Michael Mouroutsos – Olympic champion gold medalist; Alexander Nikolaidis & Areti Athanasopoulou, 8th Olympic champions).
  • Member of the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation Science Committee (1997-2000).
  • Science Fellow in the creation of the first TKD documentary in Greece (26 minutes) with the participation of ET-3 TV channel and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science (broadcasted on 18/4/2004, and on the opening day of the 2004 Olympic Games). This “Little Olympic Champions” television series was chosen among the 5 best series of every TV channel (“VIMA” newspaper, TV-GUIDE magazine; 22/05/2004, 6/6/2004 & 1/8/2004).



Dr. Beis has been a Judge-Assessor of articles to be published (on Taekwondo) in the following international scientific journals since 2012:


  1. British Journal of Sports Medicine.
  2. Journal of Applied Biomechanics (Human Kinetics).
  3. International Sports Medicine Journal.


Writing Activity

Dr. Beis has written and overviewed a book publication of “TAE KWON DO: Technique, Tactic, and Kinesiology of Competition” (1998).


In addition, he was written:

  • Annotations” for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science students who have selected the Taekwondo-WTF specialty and elective (printed by the Aristotle University Press Service). TKD Option Annotations: (a) 1st Edition: 1993-2004; (b) new edition: 2011. Taekwondo Specialty Annotations: (a) 1st edition: 2004-2006; (b) 2nd edition: 2007-2008; (c) 3rd edition: 2010-2011.
  • Articles for the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation, as well as for other sports magazines (1994-1997).

Dr. Beis is a Member of the Editorial Board of the American “Strength & Conditioning” science-sports magazine (to be later re-titled “Sports – Health & Science”), which is being translated in Greece by N.S.C.A. – HELLAS.

He is the publishing supervisor and member of the editorial team for the “TAEKWONDO” magazine distributed by the TAEKWONDO UNION OF NORTHERN GREECE. He was also in charge of writing and editing articles published in the 2006-2007 issues.

Dr. Beis has written and overseen publication of the second book titled “TAE KWON DO – OLYMPIC SPORT” (2015). It is the first interactive book on Taekwondo in Greece and internationally, enriched with more than 700 videos and every technique in the sequence and numbering described in the book and online at:



The videos, in which Olympic, Wold, and European Taekwondo champions participated, present every technique from two cameras and angles (frontal and diagonally) at the same time and can be viewed in high definition and slow motion option from both angles. The videos can be accessed from anywhere (other than the home computer), tablets, cellular phones, provided connection to an internet network is available.


Dr. Beis has written and overseen publication of the third book titled: “TAE KWON DO. THE WAY TO WIN. The Science of the Fight” (2020). It is the first interactive book published in Greece for Taekwondo, at the same time in electronic form (e-Book) only in English. Comes with more than 700 Videos and every technique in the sequence and numbering described in the book and online at:



Coaching Activity

Federal Coach (Men-Women, Adolescents & Children) from 1991-2000 and 2005-2010, with participation in many World, European, and International championships.


Olympic Taekwondo Team preparation for the OLYMPIC GAMES in BARCELONA, 1992 (Bronze Medal: Morfo Drosidou).


Olympic Taekwondo Team preparation for the OLYMPIC GAMES in SYDNEY, 2000 (Gold Medal: Michalis Mouroutsos, two 8th places: Alexandros Nikolaidis and Areti Athanasopoulou).


Since 2005: Taekwondo Federal Coach and Technical Administrator on the four-year programming for the Olympic team preparation (Olympic Games, BEIJING 2008, Alexandros Nikolaidis, Silver Medal).


University Taekwondo team coach (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and participation in three university and college championships (2003: 1st place; 2005: 1st place; 2007: 1st place).


– Coach at various Taekwondo clubs in Thessaloniki from 1980 until 2020.


  • Member of the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation Technical Committee (1992 and 1998).
  • Hellenic Taekwondo Federation First Class Referee (1991 – 1995).


Sports Activity

Dr. Beis has been consistently training in Taekwondo since 1976 (1st DAN 1980, 6st DAN 2004). He has participated in numerous events (competitions, exhibitions and seminars, 1997-1982), in Northern Greece with the purpose of promoting the then newly-introduced sport, supporting the few clubs and establishing new ones. Up until 1976, he was the principle member of the “Hellenic Sports Club” of Thessaloniki (the first Taekwondo club established in 1977 in Greece), which pioneered in the State officially acknowledging Taekwondo.

Dr. Beis pursued championship for 8 years (1980-1988). He was a Greek champion and a member of Men’s National Team, participating in International championships, as well as the European Championship in Rome, 1982 (5th place); World championship in Copenhagen 1983.



For his contribution in the science, sports, and coaching fields, Dr. Beis has been awarded by the:

  • Democritus University of Thrace, Faculty of Physical Education & Sports Science.
  • Hellenic Taekwondo Federation.
  • Taekwondo Union of Northern Greece.
  • German Taekwondo Union (Deutsche TaeKwonDo Union).
  • Numerous sports clubs in Greece.
  • Local Committee of Thessaloniki Taekwondo.
  • Municipality of Rhodes.
  • Prefecture of Thessaloniki.



Dr. Constantine Beis

Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Faculty of Physical Education & Sports Science

Special Teaching Staff in Taekwondo (since 1991)

Federal Instructor, Hellenic Olympic and National Taekwondo Teams (1991-2010)



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