The book “TAE KWON DO – OLYMPIC SPORT” delves into the development of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport; it reveals the hidden sides of sparring, supports daily training, and describes in detail every technique (kinesiology, kicks, punches) and combinations (kinesiology and kicks= 428). It is the first book to internationally document a classification of every kick and its kinesiology and every technique and its variation in categories (i.e. attack or counter-attacking one step, in two steps, etc.) to facilitate accurate and fast learning.

The techniques and tactics used in sparring are described in detail for every move, in conjunction with parameters such as flexibility, injuries, and biomechanics. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each move and frequent mistakes made by athletes, and negative effects, follows. Each technique is first described in its basic execution and then its variations and combinations are described from the easiest technique to the most difficult.


The book is 464 pages long (21X29 cm) and is divided into 24 chapters.


The Theory Part includes:

  1. Analysis of competitive Taekwondo;
  2. Function of the brain during sparring;
  3. Injuries (origins, prevention, causes, management);
  4. Improving performance,
  5. Teaching and methodology,
  6. Technical elements in the execution of kicks,
  7. Evolution of match and training with the introduction of the electronic scoring system.


Practice Part “A” is an analysis of Kinesiology:

  1. Sparring stances, steps (attack and counter-attack), change in stances.
  2. Steps (attack & counterattack) and changes on the spot.
  3. Fake kicks.
  4. Sideways movement.
  5. Clinching

Practice Part “B” is an analysis of every kick:

  1. Mirro chagi.
  2. Yop chagi.
  3. Bituro chagi.
  4. Paltung chagi.
  5. Dollyo chagi.
  6. Naerio chagi, An chagi, Bakat chagi.
  7. Dwit chagi.
  8. Huryeo chagi.
  9. Bandal Dollyo chagi.
  10. Double kicking techniques.
  11. Triple kicking techniques.
  12. Punches


For the first time, all the techniques are presented in a realistic manner on video (not DVD due to limited capacity, but online) with the same Chapters, order and numbering as described in the book. The videos were taken and processed by specialized professionals in HD (high definition). The recording was done with three cameras at the same time, from two angles (frontal-front and diagonally-sideways). The techniques were filmed in slow motion from both recording angles.


Access to the videos of the book is easily achieved through PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile telephone only with exclusive CODES present in each book (on page 6), and allow free internet connection at:


The book is supplemented with 170 images-sketches from photographs of athletes that reflect with absolute accuracy the techniques executed, as well as 43 tables and 42 adages and quotes.

The textbook was enriched with wise adages and quotes so that the reader can become acquainted with the superior intellect and wisdom of important people and pioneers recorded in history for their indisputably valuable contribution to culture and the evolution of mankind. The adages will interest the reader to better understand these brilliant minds so that their daily thought becomes better, more enlightened, and ultimately higher in quality.




Dr. Constantine Beis

Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Faculty of Physical Education & Sports Science

Special Teaching Staff in Taekwondo (since 1991)

Federal Instructor, Hellenic Olympic and National Taekwondo Teams (1991-2010)


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